For more than 10 years, the City of Ghent has been realising the Ghent Light Plan at an investment rhythm of 500.000€/year. The rational consumption of energy is an essential part in the realisation of the plan.

The main objective is twofold: achieving a considerable environmental profit and realising a substantial savings on the energy bill. Since 1999, the City of Ghent has performed several REG-actions as regards public lighting. The result was a cumulated savings of over 18.700.000 KWh. In real terms, this means a savings of 11% on the total consumption compared to the reference year 1999.
The City of Ghent has decided to work towards a common goal: as from 2010, an additional REG-action will be performed over a period of 4 years. By 2013 this should yield an additional savings of 20%, resulting in a premature realisation of the REG-objectives as regards public lighting. In this respect the Light Plan is the guiding principle.

During the First edition of the Ghent Light Festival an increase in the energy consumption was barely noticeable.
Several measures contributed to this achievement. In this respect other lighting sources (street lighting, catering businesses, publicity) were turned out in consultation with the competent services. Furthermore the organisation of the illuminated works of art used as much as possible projectors with low-energy LED-lamps.

This year, we want to continue on the same line. In this respect, the huge work of art of  De Cagna at the Belfortstraat uses only 20kWh for its 55 000 LED-lights and 'Les oiseaux de mr. Maeterlinck' is considered to be an energy-neutral installation.

During the second edition we support the project ‘Solar zonder grenzen’ (Solar without boundaries). This organisation wants to help developing countries with the installation of solar panels for community purposes such as hospitals, schools, orphanages, water supplies, etc in villages where there are hardly any – or only a very poor amount of- electric facilities. More information at